Your Virtual Assistant Journey: Start Here

8pm Tuesday 2nd July

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I think being a Virtual Assistant is the best job in the world. But it can be overwhelming, knowing where to start, how to build your business foundations and where to find the resources and community you need.

This webinar is for you if:

You want to become a VA
You’re a new VA and you’re feeling a bit lost
You want to find women going through the same business building process
You haven’t found the right resources yet

This is NOT going to tell you ‘how to become a Virtual Assistant’, I firmly believe that can’t be taught in an hour. But it will direct you to the resources, the communities and the foundations that you need to be a UK based VA.

I will give you my personal recommendations for coaches, communities, software tools and legal requirements: all the key starters so you can build a strong foundation for your business.

Do you need a coach? What does being an associate mean? Would being an associate work for you? Where do you go for insurance? What questions should I be asking as a new VA? We will cover all these and more in this one hour webinar.

Who am I?

I’m Caroline Marshall, Virtual Assistant and founder of award-winning VA Agency Upsource.

I started as an employed VA in 2016, helped to grow that business, and then in 2020 I started my own agency (pregnant and in lockdown, read more about my story here).

Upsource won Best Newcomer at the VA Awards and VA Agency of the Year at the Miss Jones Awards in 2021, and since then I have scaled to an agency of 25 freelancers with a goal of £500k turnover by 2025.

I am also the host of the Bump to Business Owner podcast. Bump to Business Owner is the go-to podcast for mums navigating Founder life while raising a family. It’s a space for female entrepreneurs and future founders creating autonomy and a deeper sense of purpose for themselves, their business and their children. One of the reasons I started my own business was because traditional employment Just Didn’t Work for me and my family. Becoming self-employed and structuring my work to be compatible with family life is just one of the huge bonuses of being a VA.

What we’ll cover in the webinar:

What you should be thinking about as a new VA: your skills, customers and structure

Self employed key starting blocks: insurance, legals, requirements

Software and tech recommendations

VA Coaches, whether you need one and my recommendations

VA Communities, my life line!

VA Agencies I recommend for Associate work

Events and awards for consideration

Even more free resources to create a successful business

NOTE: This is a very UK-focused webinar with advice, resources and communities that are all UK based. If you are from overseas some of the principles will be the same, but a lot of the resources won’t, so it may not be for you.