School Holiday planner

£19.99 (inc VAT)

Make sure no pick up gets forgotten (hey, it happens), no play day is missed, and no parent has a nervous breakdown with this tried and tested game changer of a spreadsheet.

Instant Download: Available as both a Google sheet and an Excel spreadsheet.

Holiday hangovers hit different when you’re a parent.

No longer are they thanks to cocktails on the beach; now a holiday hangover is the week it takes for you to recover once the kids are back at school.

The summer (Christmas, Easter, half term!) burnout is real. School holidays are a SHOCK. You’re trying to wrestle your kid(s), camps, playdates, additional child care all while trying to work and/or run a business, not to mention retain some sanity.

Your holiday helper breaks each holiday and half term into manageable chunks and you can allocate activities, caregivers and budget to each child. You can name any actions you need to take (paying camp deposits, booking babysitters) and it gives you the option to freestyle or use preloaded drop downs to make sure that all bases are covered.

How does it work?

This is best used as a live working document. You can update it from anywhere with an internet connection from your phone and share it with your partner, grandparents, childminders so you can work together to make sure no one (you) is taking on too much.

Sit down a couple of weeks before each holiday to start planning, and review the spreadsheet every few weeks during the longer holidays as, Lord knows, things change.

And you can use it to review after the end of the holiday so you can see where your budget went, what worked and what didn’t and whether you need more help next time.

The spreadsheet includes:

“Oh my goodness! Caroline, this is BRILLIANT! 😱 It’s so overwhelming for lots of parents when their little ones start school, especially when both parents are working, the holidays are what stress people out the most. Nursery is expensive, but its all year round care and I know that school comes as a shock because it’s not.

This will be such an amazing tool for parents in KS1!

You can literally plan your time, budget and see at a glance where they’re going to be.”

Bev – self employed mum of teenagers and primary schoolers

“It’s really organised, and having a space for a backup plans/carers definitely helps, as well as the tick box for when it’s booked in.

From a neurodivergent perspective, you can have low energy/recovery days planned so it’s not done on the fly.

I love the idea of it!”

Roz, Shift-worker and mum of 2 under 7s