Power Hour with Caroline - £200

A Power Hour is perfect if you know you need some help, but just don’t know where to start.

If you want to implement some processes and software in your business but aren’t sure where to begin, are looking to scale into a team, or figure out how to take a break from your business – Caroline has experience in all of these!

We will spend an hour together looking at your business and helping you to focus on where you could bring in support. Afterwards you’ll get a report with advice on areas you can improve or update to move your business forward without the stress.

To book your power hour email Caroline at caroline@weareupsource.co.uk

"Before signing up with Upsource, I was struggling to keep on top of my administration and to stay organised. I was experiencing stress, anxiety and was procrastinating. Via a friend I heard about Upsource and I started following their Instagram account. After a post about their Power Hour, I got in touch with Caroline as I had been thinking about getting an assistant and the Power Hour sounded like a good start. The Power Hour we scheduled was great; Caroline asked all the right questions and could quickly distil what is was that I needed and in which areas I could get support. She furthermore created an action list and I was very impressed so decided to go ahead. After having been matched with a VA and having worked together for a little while now, I can say that I am feeling less anxious about my administration and the organisational side of the business is taken care of, which gives me the time and room to focus on my side of the business; making guitars."
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Tom Sands Guitars
"A great chat with Caroline to talk through ideas/options for The Paint Club moving forward. A thorough report was sent after our chat which gave us suggestions for areas we could improve or update. It was helpful and good to know we are on the right track."
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The Paint Club