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Host Caroline Marshall tells us what we can expect from season one.​

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Welcome to the very first episode of the Bump to Business Owner Podcast. The go-to Podcast for mums who run a business, want to start a business, or are simply curious about what makes mums choose the entrepreneur life. 

Being a business owner can be hard, being a mum is even harder but both together?! Caroline is on a mission to find out why more and more mums are leaving the employment world for the entrepreneur life. Whether you’re a working mum, an advocate for mothers, a mum-to-be or an empty nester this podcast is for you.

In this short intro episode host Caroline Marshall, tells us a little bit about her story and what we can expect from Season One of the podcast.






Hello and welcome to Bump to Business Owner, thank you so much for tuning in today. This podcast is inspired by my mission to find out why more and more mums are leaving the employment world for the entrepreneur life. I’ll be talking to some of the people I believe to be the most inspiring women in business about their journey building their businesses alongside motherhood. I’ll be also sharing some of my own experiences of juggling my award winning virtual assistant agency Upsource, while raising my two young children. Right now they are two and four, and trust me, it can be chaos.

Caroline: Hello, I’m Caroline Marshall, and welcome to Bump to Business Owner, thank you so much for tuning in for our very first introductory episode where I’ll tell a little bit of what to expect. I’m so pleased you’re tuned in and thank you so much for supporting a podcast, which is all about not just female founders and business owners, but also mothers. If you are in this yourself, you know exactly the challenges we face. We can’t just work on our businesses 24/7 and make them our lives. We also have babies who at the end of the day, are our priorities, while keeping up our passions, our livelihoods and our businesses.

That’s why it’s important to me, I speak to a range of female founders and mothers in this podcast, whether it’s a product based business, a bootstrapped business, a business that has gone through incredible amounts of fundraising, a service based business, from solopreneurs, to women leading teams, I think there is something for everyone on this podcast .No matter what stage of your journey, whether you’re at the start, or whether you’re like, you know, a few years in and thinking I’m still struggling or how do other women do this, I’m not struggling, but maybe you’re looking for just a different way of doing things. So I thought bringing some of the amazing women that I know from my network to a wider range of mothers and business owners would be an absolute pleasure.

I also want to share some of my learnings, there can be a lot of noise online about how successful people are. I am very much still in the thick of it at the early stage of my business, we are three years in now, believe it or not, that is still an early stage business, and finding out where I’m going to go with it, changing things, how we’re going to grow, what’s the best way to grow. That is something I will be bringing on this podcast. As I’m still very much on this journey. I am so pleased with where I’ve got it. I’ve been able to bring in an income from my home and family that I’ve wanted to bring that is better than I got paid before. But I really want everyone to know that I’ve not made it, I’ve not succeeded, I’ve not completed the business for the check. I’m still here growing it and turning up every day alongside this podcast. So that is something else I want to have a talk about because there’s some things you may learn from me what not to do or what may be helpful to you to do.

Because running a virtual assistant agency, I’ve actually been a virtual assistant myself, which means I have supported a lot of businesses grow. From fintechs to plumbers, to software startups to content marketing agencies. The lucky thing of being a VA is being able to see how you can support businesses and support their growth. So I am also pleased to bring that experience to this podcast.

We want it to be a community and a collaborative space. So please do come to me, tell me your stories. That is what I’ve found fascinating. We go more into the podcast on my story. But basically, pregnancy was a shock. Having a child was a shock. And I genuinely, genuinely felt I just failed at my career in the first year. I actually had a very quick return to work, we were not financially ready for me to take maternity leave. And I was at a startup with statutory may pay, getting married four months after we had our baby, everyone knows what the costs of a wedding end up involving. So like genuinely thought, I guess I was the first of my friends to have a baby, I genuinely thought I was failing this.

So something I really want to talk about is that I’ve realised now since because all my friends becoming mothers and speaking more and more, having more friends that are mothers and business owners or employees and mothers, that it’s really, really hard trying to keep your identity and trying to have your career alongside motherhood if that is what you want. Obviously, things change, but it’s it’s quite incredible to see what a shock it is to a lot of people and so when I was made redundant before my child turned one, I genuinely thought I’ve just not done well at this,I took a lot of ownership, or too much ownership on it being my fault. Whereas in kind of reviewing the circumstances and everything that happened that wasn’t the case.

So that’s something I’m really important to share. Because there’s a lot of reasons why people go and start, mothers go and start businesses. Some of it’s down to passion, some of it’s down, it’s the right thing to do, they’ve always wanted to do it, which part of me was, I’ve always wanted to be a business owner. So redundancy and furlough just made that happen. But at the same time, there are some people it genuinely feels like the only way to make a career and it’s not the easy choice. If it was I think the benefits are so great for being self employed or in charge of your own time running your own businesses. There’s so many great benefits but it’s definitely not easy so a lot more people would be doing it if it was. So huge congrats on coming and listening to the podcast whether it’s just to support moms who run businesses or you’re one yourself you’re so welcome here. And please, please do connect with me on LinkedIn, I’m Caroline Marshall. Also, please follow us at Bump to Business Owner on Instagram. And you can also put me an email at Thank you so much for tuning in. And I’m really excited to go on this journey with you.

You have been listening to Bump to Business Owner, the podcast for mums running businesses, aspiring to run businesses, or simply supporters of mums who go on this crazy business journey. I’m your host Caroline Marshall and I run a virtual assistant agency called Upsource. I started it in lockdown 2020, I’ve seen it through maternity leave and it is growing alongside my two growing boys. Thank you so much, please connect me at Bump to Business Owner, my name is Caroline Marshall.

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