Meet Caroline

I’m Caroline Marshall, the founder of a multi award winning Virtual Assistant Agency, Upsource: a team of VAs who provide expert Business and Virtual Assistance, Lifestyle support, Events and Social Media services to Entrepreneurs, HNWs, Startups, Scale ups and SME’s.

My background as a PA, EA and in Virtual Assistant agencies all led to me launching my own business in lockdown 2020.

When I fell pregnant late 2017 (shortly after receiving a promotion), it was truly a shock how hard it felt to maintain my overworking lifestyle at a busy startup whilst growing a baby! First in my circle to have a baby, I didn’t have a network to lean on and learn that those feelings were absolutely NORMAL.

A quick return to work 8 weeks post partum to an unprepared business meant things got worse. Ultimately I found myself redundant before my baby turned one. Then a following stint in a family business came to a sharp end in April 2020….the COVID penalty of motherhood.

I Was Done. Pregnant with my second and knowing a job wouldn’t be handed to me, I went back to what I excelled at – providing businesses invaluable support as a Virtual Assistant The plan was to build the business for 6 months, and then take some proper maternity leave. By the time I was ready to take my break, we had  grown to a team of 5!

Little did I know, shortly after my second son was born he would be sent to intensive care and we all needed time to recover. My mat leave was the best decision for my family.

2023 has seen Upsource grow to a 30 woman strong Business & Lifestyle support agency and the launch of passion project, the bump to business owner podcast.