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These are honest conversations with real women: mothers and entrepreneurs juggling the challenges of running a business while growing a family. 

Whether you’ve just discovered you’re pregnant (congratulations!) or your family is more established; whether you’re about to launch a business or are growing; founding or fundraising, this podcast is for you.

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Did You Know?

85% of women leave the full-time workforce within three years of having their first child, and 19% leave work completely, because businesses aren’t offering the flexibility needed.

Bump to business owner is the go-to podcast for mums who run a business, want to start a business or are simply curious about what makes mums choose the entrepreneur life.

Business owner and mum? Two notoriously tough gigs.

I’m curious. My own journey to business owner (while always a dream and definitely well suited to my personality) was fast tracked when employment just.wouldn’ for me when I became a parent.

But WHY are mums choosing this life?

The UK childcare system is the second most expensive in the world, with 1.7million mothers across the country unable to work due to soaring costs. Creating your own business is an amazing way of taking ownership of your work life and fitting it around your family.

Oh…and HOW? What do these female founders do to make their business work for them in 2023?

Listen to me chat to some of the most inspiring women and mums in business about their journey building their business alongside motherhood.

Whether you’re a working mum, an advocate for mothers, a mum-to-be or an empty nester this podcast is for you.

I’ll be sharing snippets of what I’ve learnt along the way and how creating my business, Upsource is the best career decision I’ve ever made.